From a young age, I have always been involved in sports. With a strong background in competitive hockey and golf to martial arts; keeping the body moving has always been my priority. When I was 17, I went to South Carolina 9(USA) to play golf on a scholarship. Once my degree was completed, I then joined the Canadian forces; Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry with the Parachute company which I spent 5 years and gone on overseas missions. Following that, I joined the Special Operation unit to then move on as a shooting instructor. Fitness has always been a must for me and to this day, it pays tremendously. I also fought as a professional fighter for a few years, but with two awesome little boys, there was not enough time in the day. So I found my true passion 3 yrs ago; Crossfit!!! I been doing competitions, won a few and as well, I have the support of many sponsors that you can find on my website. So now I trained daily to perfect my form in many disciplines from, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, running, swimming, metabolic conditioning, strength training to movements specific and transferable to all the disciplines I do.

I have spent my whole life to fitness and 22 years in the military which for my duties; being fit is a must. I have been injured as well, which is part of being an athlete and learn from. I have been around the best athletes and coaches according to the sport I practiced and still doing. I travelled the world to get better in certain sports.

In conclusion, I understand my body and still learn everyday about it, which for an athlete is essential in order to progress or to just maintain an overall wellness. If you are ready to begin your successful journey; you have stopped at the right place. What do you say? Are you ready to start? Let’s do this!!