The Fastest Way to Achieve to Get the Right Coach


Crossfit Athlete and Coach - Dom Poissant

Before you rush in and start busting it at your local gym, with a trainer that is 'assigned' to you, there are some important questions you need to ask yourself first. These questions will save you time, energy, money and, most importantly, will speed up your results.

Ask yourself these 5 questions before you start training with just anyone:

  • What do you want when it comes to your fitness goals? The answer to this question will help you determine the type of coach that you need. Knowing what you want is not always the easiest question to answer but it's an important one.

  • Are you just getting started or are you trying to reach the next level? Beginners, intermediate and advanced level athletes all have different needs. 
  • Are you ready to commit to achieving results? The best coach in the world can't commit to you and your goals unless you have committed yourself. 

Once you've developed a positive list of answers, you need to spend some time interviewing trainers to make sure their personal experience, and knowledge, match what you want and need!

Contact Dom Poissant, if you are ready to set up an interview to make sure there is a mutual fit